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Teksta T-Rex

Teksta T-Rex


On this page we are going in more depth of the features of one of the best toy dinosaurs on the market.

Teksat T-Rex stands on two feet and walks with a funny wobbling motion. It certainly made both adults and kids laugh at the recent Toy Fair so I reckon this toy will be a giant hit with children this coming Christmas. Teksta T-Rex also comes with his own bone which is in two parts. If you feed it to him just watch as he snaps it up and flings it out of his mouth. Great trick.

Remember on our home page we mentioned the the Teksta T- Rex has some very expressive eye patterns that really help to show his feelings and how he responds to lights, sounds and your voice. You can even use hand gestures to command the Teksta Electronic Moving Dinosaur Robotic T-Rex to move his hands, walk, stop and move his tail and if you stroke his face, beware, he will roar and snap just like a real dinosaur!

When he is hungry give him his bone and watch him chew, crush,and finally spit it out then he gives a big burp!!

All these things make this one of the cool dinosaurs of 2014


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