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Teksta T-Rex More Information


This page will give you some more links to the Teksta Electronic Moving Dinosaur Robotic T-Rex.

For instance you will definitely want to acquire the free iTune app.



Amazon Image

or maybe the app from Google Play ;


With the app applied you will be able to get your Teksta T-Re to do some amazing things.

 App Features

Motion Control – This gives you a choice as to how often T-Rex will walk.

Tricks- There are many tricks you can teach this cool dinosaur.

Feeding – What diet do you put a dinosaur on! You choose his favorite food.

Dance and Sing – Yes your T-Rex  CAN dance and sing as well.

Bark Control – How many times will your dinosaur roar- you are in charge –teach him.

Robotic Friends – Do you have another robotic T-Rex nearby then let them call to each other.

Set Alarm  Want your toy dinosaur to wake you up next morning. tell him and he will.

Animation – Their are many actions to choose from.

Piano – Want your T-Rex to sing?-Compose a tune for him.

Check out the Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur on our features page.

Remember his one of the great dinosaur toys and will be in great demand over the festive season and will sell out fast.

So please get your order in now to avoid being disappointed.


If you live in the U.K. please click HERE


 One more video to watch.


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