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Here is a selection of some other dinosaur toys and games that you my find interesting.


Jurassic Park Explorer DVD Game

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Do you like dinosaurs-then you will love this product-one of the best dinosaurs games on the market.

Its all about collecting and researching dinosaurs and should interest the youngsters between 6 and 12.

 It is set on the island if Isla Soma where researchers are attempting to collect samples of twenty five dinosaurs so that they can try to bring them back to life. Assignments can cover such subjects as trying to identify a gradually emerging dinosaur before your opponents do, to answering various sometimes obscure questions and correctly putting together the various body parts of different animals/birds.

 It is up to the players (there are 4 movers) to capture the dinosaurs and gather their DNA. This is done by using the dice and moving the resulting number of squares on the game board and then you will see which of the 7 mini games you will need to win.

These games can be found on the DVD and you can control the action using the remote control. Some scenes from all the 3 JurassicPark movies are included and the more than 300 questions will make sure this game goes on and on.(unless you want to play the short version of course).

While it is true that the game provides for four players you can play alone,, or even with teams. You don’t even have to use the game board as there is an “In the Car” version. (although you would need a portable or an in-car DVD player) this of course makes it one of the great traveling dinosaur toys or time-filler in between stops.)

What’s in the Box

  • Game board
  • Game DVD
  • 25 dinosaur cards
  • 4 movers
  • 1 die
  • Instructions

A DVD player, TV, and remote control are required to plat the full game but not included.


Jurassic Board Game

Jurassic Board Game


If you are considering  a T-Rex you may find some interesting information HERE


Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs-the video game 


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Based on the well known film of 2009 we are again acquainted with Sid and Scrat as members of an improbable crew of prehistoric friends as they stumble into a new jungle world full of strange plants, lush vegetation and, of course, fierce dinosaurs.

Through many various adventures players must use their unique abilities and skills to become victorious in their rescue mission.

 All your old favourites are back- the Mammoth with the big heart- Manny, goofy but earnest Sid the Sloth, the innocent trouble maker Scrat and the fearless Diego the Saber-toothed Tiger. They all return together some new friends and begin on a great adventure across the frozen waste to the green world of the dinosaurs.


Ice Age Video Game

Ice Age Video Game

 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs has over 14 levels and each one presents a new and unique challenge as players try to master the abilities of the character they are playing.

 They will need to avoid many obstacles put in their path, cross difficult and dangerous landscapes and conquer their enemies.

It truly is one of the greatest dinosaurs games on the market.

You Can Get Versions to play on:

 Platform: PC

Nintendo Wii


Xbox 360

Nintendo DS



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Battle of Giants Dinosaur Strike – Nintendo Wii


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 Over 130 million years ago the world was controlled by the dinosaurs that went through times of great upheavals which changed the earth forever.

Survival became a number one priority as chaos began to take control and the fight began to find the number one predator.

Battle of Giants

Battle of Giants

Make sure that your creature is one of the cool dinosaurs ready for anything. You can dodge, block, hit and execute some great combination maneuvers.

You have three completely different situations to cope with, desert, mountains and tropical forest but that’s not all—you will have to deal with earthquakes and volcanoes too!!

You can make a choice of which dinosaur you want-there are eighteen to choose from and you can play a number in a number of different modes—four players-tag team-or conquest mode.

Battle of Giants

Battle of Giants

Which ever method you choose I am sure enjoy one of the best dinosaurs games on the market today.


Ultimate Dinosaur Collection 

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We just had to include this DVD collection because although its not a game its got some cool dinosaurs!!



Yes! All four award winning programs under in one package.

 Walking with Monsters

Walking with Dinosaurs

Allosaurs and

Chased by Dinosaurs

 Discover amazing worlds with your own Ultimate Collection set in a time million of years ago when monsters were in the seas and roaming the primordial forests.

Find out how these cool dinosaurs moved and looked like. Each program recreates a lost world complete with some incredible digital effects.

You will be spellbound by this incredible collection.



You may well enjoy some video on dinosaurs:




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